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Deer Stalker/Skinner Knife.
Hand forged blade W2 carbon steel 10cm long hardness RC62. Handle is
local (10 miles away) Fallow Deer antler. Sheath is hand stitched wet formed English veg tanned leather with Nickel rivets & Sam Browne stud for extra security when stalking.
Price --£120-00 +p&p@cost
Hudson Bay Knife.
Traditional Hudson Bay sometimes referred to as a Buffalo knife.
Blade forged from recycled 1960s Land Rover spring.Blade length 28cm. English Walnut handle with bronze ferrule and copper rivets. Authentic hand stiched English veg tanned leather sheath with brass rivets.
Price---£140-00 +p&p@cost
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     Viking Seax.
Antler handle Seax with hand forged 19th century Carbon steel blade & hand stitched veg tanned leather sheath.
Price--- £85-00 +p&p@cost
Bushcraft/Foraging Knife.
Hand forged blade with peened finish, 14cm long hardness RC58.
Handle is made up of air dried English Boxwood and Buffalo,Hand stitched English veg tanned leather sheath.
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Hawk bill Pruning Folder.
Damascus blade friction folder approx 80 layers of alternating Carbon & Nickel steel. Handle
is Red Deer antler coronet or
Price--£150-00 +p&p@cost

Antler Bushcraft/ Forager.
Hand forged carbon steel blade with hammered finish, blade approx 14cm
forged from upcycled 20th century
ex army file. Handle is naturally cast Red Deer antler crown sourced locally
Hand stitched English veg tan leather belt sheath.
Price--- £125-00 +p&p@cost.
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Antler Skinner
Blade is hand forged from World War 1 Browning machine gun barrel, length approx 100mm.
Handle is red deer antler, sheath hand stitched veg tan leather.

feb 009.JPG
Antler Skinner
Blade forged from World War 1 Browning machine gun barrel Blade length approx 90mm.
Handle is red deer antler.
hand stitched veg tan leather sheath.
Price   £150  + P&P@cost
ant 001.JPG
Antler Bushcraft/ Forager.
Blade hand forged from 1970s Porsche 911 rear torsion bar with peaned finish,
hardness RC 62. Blade length approx 14cm.
Handle is naturally cast Red Deer antler
locally sourced from Thetford Forest.
Hand stitched English veg tan leather sheath.
Price---£140-00 +p&p@cost.