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Bespoke Hand Forged Chefs Knives.

Samples of Japanese (Hochos)and European style kitchen knives inc Damascus,Laminated & Mono steels. 

Antler Handle Set
Set of 3 red deer antler tine handles. Blades hand forged from 19th century carbon steel,blade lengths are 10cm--14cm--18cm.

Price ---£220-00 inc UK postage
IMG_0577 (1).JPG
Dog Star pattern blade, hand forged in a Charcoal fired forge. Blade has 24 layers of low carbon steel with a core ofJapanese Yasuki or white paper steel,hardness RC62, blade length approx 180mm with full length tang.
Handle made from a selection of English hardwoods all sourced within a 10 mile radious of home.As these knives are individual one offs and are made to order handles can be made from various materials.
Price from------£260-00 plus p&p @ cost

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Ladder Pattern Damascus blade approx 200 layers. Blade length 20cm. with hardness of RC60.

Handle  made from English Yew with copper fittings.

As these Cleavers are individual and made to order handles can be made from various materials and

blades can be forged in different sizes or profiles.

Prices from---£250.00. Plus p&p@ cost.

ruth 003.JPG
david 002.JPG
Dog Star pattern Damascus blade with approx 40 alternating layers of low carbon steel with a central core of Japanese high carbon Yasuki (white paper steel) with differential heat treatment,Hardness RC62, blade length approx 180mm.
Handle is Red Deer Antler from Thetford forest with Sterling silver ferrule.
Price--- £250-00 +p&p@cost


Hand forged blade made from re-cycled Victorian sawmill blade. Hardness RC62 with differential temper. Blade length approx 180mm. Handle Osage Orange with Buffalo ferrule, handles can be made to clients specs.

Prices from---£130.00 plus p&p@cost


knives 005.JPG
cattleshed 008.JPG
Western Style Cleaver
Blade forged from re-cycled Dutch plough breast.Hardness RC60 Blade length 200mm.with full length scale tang. Handle English Boxwood with solid brass rivets.
Price---£160.00 plus p&p@ cost
Japanese style paring knife.
Blade forged from re-cycled Victorian sawmill blade.
Blade length 90mm. RC62. Handle Buffalo and Buckthorn.
Price £70.00 plus p&p@ cost
knives 001.JPG
wix 005.JPG
Farriers Rasp Knife
Japanese style chefs knife with recycled farriers rasp blade & Norfolk Holm Oak & Bog Oak handle. Blade length approx 180mm
Price £150 + p&p @ cost


Dog Star pattern Damascus blade hand forged in a Charcoal fired forge with a central core of Japanese Yasuki (White Paper Steel ) hardness RC62, blade length  190mm.Handle Bolivian rosewood with Buffalo horn & Camel bone ferrule.

Price --£250.00 plus p&p@cost.

rose 005.JPG
wix 001.JPG
Damascus blade, length 150mm with 60 layers of low carbon steels and a core of Japanese blue paper steel, RC 60.
Hybrid handle is resin impregnated pine cone from Norway Spruce.
Price----£240.00 plus p&p'cost.
Paring/Veg Knives.
Hand forged W2 carbon steel blades, length 100mm
Hybrid handles are vacuum impregnated resin and English Yew.
Price--- £70.00 each + p&p@cost
wix 004.JPG
wix 002.JPG
Spalted Beech Knife
Blade hand forged from 19th century saw mill blade wth peened & polished finish. Handle is stabilised spalted beech with brass rivets. Blade length 180mm.
Price   £175 +p&p@cost
stuff 003.JPG
Blade is approx 60 layers of low carbon steels with a core of high carbon Japanese blue paper steel, blade length approx 200mm hardness 62RC.
Handle Ambrosia Box Elder & Buffalo horn.
Price--- £430-00 +p&p@cost
Sheep Shear Knives
Knives made from upcycled vintage sheep shears.Top one has inset Rams horn handle.
Bottom one has inset 5000 year old Bog Oak with copper roves as used in boat building.Blade length approx 140mm
Price  £70 each  +p&p@cost

wix 006.JPG
Fiddle Bow Breadknife
Oak handled bread knife

IMG_0538 (1).JPG
Wooden Cake Knives
Top knife has stabilised Oak blade approx 20cms, with spalted
Sycamore handle.
Bottom knife stabilised Oak blade approx 
22cms, with Bog Oak handle.
Price ---£46-00 each inc UK p&p
IMG_0597 (1)_edited.jpg
feb 011.JPG
Holm Oak Oyster Knife
Carbon steel blade, length approx 80mm.
Handle is Norfolk Holm Oak 

Price  £40-00 + p&p@cost
Damascus Santoku
Damascus bladed Santoku with resin bonded pinecone.

wayne 003.JPG
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