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A selection of knives made using materials with an historical connection to Norfolk.
Meat Carving Set
Unique carving knife and fork,both hand forged from 19th century Navy boarding pike, handles are pitch pine from the Cutty Sark.
Overall length of knife 30cms
Price --- £300-00 +p&p@cost
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18th-19th Century Mariners Knife.

Damascus blade forged from wrought iron & 19th Century carbon steel with wave pattern approx 40 layers.The wrought iron is from 1 inch dia long rivets or tie rods off HMS Victory.

The handle is Oak from the Victory, the Copper ferrule is forged from a lightning conductor also from HMS Victory 

SOLD  Similar knives available

Mammoth Tusk handle
Chefs knife with 20cm blade, hand forged from 19th century W2 carbon steel with differential temper. Scale tang handle comprising of 2 pieces of stabilised Mammoth tusk approx 40,000-50,000 years old found in Norfolk in 1970s.
Price---- £420-00 + p&p@cost
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Bushcraft/ Foraging Knives.

A selection of knives made to clients specs. Blades are laminated with 2 outer layers of HMS Victory wrought with a central core of high carbon steel. The blades where given a deep etch in acid to emphasize how crude the iron is compared with mild steel which is the modern equivalent. Handles are Victory Oak, ferrules are Victory copper lightning conductor



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flint 002.JPG

18th-19th Century Mariners knife

Blade is laminated with 2 outer layers of HMS Victory wrought with a central core of high carbon steel. 

Handle is Oak from Victory and   English Yew from Burnham Norton Churchyard the birthplace of

Horatio Nelson and at the time his father was Rector of the Church.

Price £230-00 + p&p @ cost

Knapped Flint & Fossil Antler Knife.
Neolithic style knife with knapped flint blade by John Lord. Handle is rare fossilised red deer antler approx 40,000 -50,000 years old found in Norfolk in the 1970s. Blade is mounted to handle with resin and bound with rawhide

Price--- £300-00 + p&p @ cost  
foss 004.JPG
Fossil Antler Handle
Handle is fossilized red deer antler with Bog Oak ferrule. Antler is rare approx 40 to 50,000 years old and was found in Norfolk back in the 1970s. Bog Oak is also from Norfolk approx 5,000 years old.Blade is 60 layers of hand forged  Damascus, Length 10cms 
Price---£360-00 inc UK p&p
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        Brokenback Seax
Viking Seax with Bog Yew handle approx 3,000 years old,(dug out of
neighbours field).The blade is laminated with two outer layers of 13th-century wrought iron from All Saints Church Leighton Buzzard, founded in 1277, the core is 19th century carbon steel.

Seaxes with laminated blades made from 18th century wrought with 19th century carbon steel core also available, contact me for more info.

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               Petty Kitchen Knife

Japanese style paring knife, laminated blade with outer layers HMS Victory wrought Iron with core of re cycled Victorian sawmill blade length 10cm

Handle is Pitch Pine from the Cutty Sark, the Norfolk connection being the Captain of the Cutty Sark was Richard Woodget who was born in Docking & lived in Burham Overy Staithe when he retired and is buried in Burham Norton churchyard.

The ferrule is Mahogany from Gypsy Moth 1V,

Sir Francis Chichesters record breaking round the world yacht.

Price---£138-00 +p&p@cost

Fossil Antler Cleaver
Hand forged Damascus blade with peened finish approx 60 layers with Japanese blue paper steel core and differential temper, length 14cms.
Handle is rare fossilised red deer antler
approx 40,000-50,000 years old, found in Norfolk.

Price---£360-00 + p&p @ cost
Mammoth Bone & Flint Dagger
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IMG_0530 (1).JPG
Bog Oak & Flint Dagger
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