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Woodworking Tools
A Selection of tools mainly for Green woodworking, Bushcraft,Coppice crafts & hedge laying.
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Monmouthshire Billhook
Large hand forged single edged
Monmouthshire pattern billhook.
Blade length approx 25cm with
full length whittle tang,forged tapered steel ferrule with Ash handle.
Price---£70-00 +p&p@cost
stuff 001.JPG
Single Edge Billhook
Hand forged small single edged billhook.Blade approx 13cms with full length whittle tang forged tapered copper ferrule with Ash handle.

Price---£56-00 +p&p@cost
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Goose Wing Axe
Traditional one handed hewing axe, cutting edge approx 18cm with single bevel. Blade forged from recycled 19th century plough breast.
Offset Ash shaft mounted with long socket. Available left or right
Price--- £270-00 +p&p@cost
axes 003.JPG
Canadian Broad Axe
Hand forged Canadian pattern roughing axe head with single bevel, cutting edge approx 18cm.
Blade forged from 19th century plough breast, hardness approx HRC 58. Available left or right handed.

Price--- £125-00 +p&p@cost
stock 001.JPG
  Stock Knife.
Small bowl or spoon carving knife,
larger ones are sometimes called
Clog makers knives.
Hand forged from one piece of carbon steel, overall length 33cm,
blade length 10cm, Yew handle.
Supplied with eyelet screw for mounting.

Price--- £120 inc UK P&P.
axe 001.JPG
axe 004.JPG
holdfast 001.JPG
Small bushcraft hatchet with
blade cover.
Hand forged carbon steel head,  cutting edge 75 mm, hardness approx HRC 58.
Air dried Ash haft, overall length
Supplied with veg tanned leather guard secured with Sam Browne stud.
Price---£70-00 +p&p@cost

    Forest Axe
Light weight hand axe with cutting edge 90mm with differential heat treatment and edge hardness of HRC58.
Air dried Ash haft, overall length 35cm.
Supplied with veg tan leather
guard secured with Sam Browne stud

Price ---£70-00 +p&p@cost

Forged & tempered spring steel woodworkers bench mounted holdfasts, 12mm dia to fit 14mm holes.
Price--- £38-00 pair +p&p@cost
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Parangs are made to order to clients own specs or design. Contact me for quote
and timescale. 
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