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My name is Nick and.I'm a 5th generation Blacksmith & Master Bladesmith I started Blacksmithing in 1963 and after a few deviations into farriery, metallurgical research and classic sports car restorations. I now concentrate mainly on my passion of making hand-forged Chefs and Bushcraft knives. Each piece is individually hand-forged  in a charcoal forge using locally sourced charcoal from sustainable coppiced hardwood . Every stage of the forging process is done by myself using hand held hammers ( not power hammers or hydraulic presses). Therefore every single hammer blow is individual which makes every blade unique.

I try and use as much recyled/upcycled/secondhand (whatever the in term is at present) steel as I have always done as long as I know what its original purpose was, for example pre 1950s agricultural equipment or ex army, the reason being that most of it is genuine Sheffield steel actually made in England as opposed to some of the sometimes suspect Chinese & Indian imported stuff.

Handle materials are mainly sustainable airdried quarter sawn English hardwoods  and Stag Antler all sourced in Norfolk, the majority within a 15 mile radius as is the steel. Most of the foreign woods I have in stock are over 30 years old, before they where endangered and before we thought about saving the planet.

The pictures on this site are only a fraction of my work, if you cannot see what you want among the sample pictures I am more than happy to discuss your requirements or ideas, please do not hesitate to contact me.




Photo of where it all started out at 15 years old as a striker with a 15lbs straight peen sledghammer under the expert if sometimes ruthless guidance of Blacksmith George Laflin in Cowley.
Newspaper Cuttings of my Great Uncle Jack Pomfrey who became Champion Blacksmith of England in 1951 at the Royal Agricultural Show in Cambridge.
He lived in London Colney for the whole of his life, becoming the last "smithy" in the village.
During his long career, he won 65 medals and 10 cups.
Jack passed away on 22nd September 1963 aged 72.
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