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All of the wood used for boards is locally sourced within Norfolk using mostly air dried timber. Each one is unique and hand made. Boards are finished with food safe coatings either Tung oil or Danish oil. Other types of wood are available.Some samples currently in stock.English Walnut, Black Walnut,Sycamore, Elm, Holm Oak, Beech, Apple, Pear, Red Oak, Mulberry, Maple, Alder, also a selection of spalted timbers.
  Ash Board & matching Cleaver
Large Ash chopping board, ideal for all you James Martin Wannabes, size 60X37X5cms
Supplied with hand forged cleaver, designed for fine slicing as well as chopping. Blade is forged from 19th century carbon steel, length 16cms.
Handle is made from same piece of wood as board with antler ferrule.
Price---£140-00 + courier @ cost

Olive Ash Chopping Board
Large Olive Ash board, 58X30X4cms.
copper wire stitching and leather handle.

Price--£78-00 + courier @ cost

 Wych Elm Board & Cleaver
Wych Elm and resin inlay board,  
size 42X30X4cms. Supplied with hand 
forged 19th century carbon steel cleaver, blade length 17cms. Handle made from same wood as board,with stabilised 5,000 year old Bog Oak ferrule. 

Price-- £165-00  + courier @ cost
Rippled Oak & Herb Knife
Rippled Oak board with upcycled fork as handle. Supplied with carbon steel herb knife or Mezzaluna.

Sold but similar available, contact me for details

Apple Cheese Board & Knife
Applewood board with matching cheese knife upcycled table for handle.

Similar designs available,contact me for details
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